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Why Axe Throwing?

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Are you wondering what the hype is all about? How can it be that fun to just throw something at a wood target?


This is exactly what I thought a year ago before I tried out axe throwing. Well, here is the scoop.

Axe throwing in Utah is the new hottest trend in fun group and corporate activities

GAMES! There are all kinds of games to learn how to play games from games of pure skill to games of consistency. There are games for small groups and games for large groups. I am not even talking about league games. The games will breed competition between groups and individuals.

We have games like around the world where players must hit numbers in a specific sequence, or a game where you must get from 50 points to zero as fast as you can.

The Challenge! There are lots of different ways of throwing and lots of different items to throw. We have a basic overhand throw that is the default, but if you quickly adapt to this then Phat Axe staff will teach you the under-hand throw which throws the rules out the window. Phat Axe American fork also has a shuriken, knives, spiked crosses, mini axes, throwing cards, and throwing knives.  Best of all we provide all these additional items to throw for no extra charge.

Those are the two largest points for axe throwing that contribute to Utah’s fascination with axe throwing. Don’t believe me? Come in and try it out, and I guarantee you will be addicted to new activity. This activity is good for anyone from 10 to 60 years old. We are a huge hit here in Utah, and we are also the home of Utah’s first smash room.

Phat Axe American fork is great for Bachelor parties, Corporate events, and birthday parties.  Bachelor parties get a free Temper tantrum smash room for the groom/bride.


Switching things up-Change of Ownership

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Hi All,


I has been a long journey for Phat Axe since 2017 when Nate Stutz decided to open Utah county’s first Axe throwing and smash room venue. The Owner and founder Nate Stutzs has decided to pursue  different things and has transfer the lease and dissolve the parent company Phat Axe LLC. Phat Axe as of 04/01/2020 has changed ownership to John Johnston. The new name is Phat Axe American Fork. The St George location is no longer affiliated with the American Fork Location. However, we are still dedicated to providing the same amazing experience with axe throwing and Smash rooms as Nate was.  we have shadowed learned everything from Nate, and we are proud to carry on his legacy. Phat Axe American Fork is working with anyone that still has a gift card issued by the old company.

The New owner is a proud resident of Utah county and is dedicated to serving the community as well as the owner of Secret Combinations Escape Rooms. Phat Axe American fork has expanded to offer Escape rooms and is currently working on the development of splatter rooms. we are excited for the community to try out these new sources of entertainment. Phat Axe American Fork will maintain all branding of the previous location. All prices have been maintained, and you will even see the same employees. We are excited to see the beginning of this new chapter even with COVID 19 still an on going issue for the country. We are working to sanitize everything between customers. We have expanded the knife throwing collection to more popular items. We plan to Revamp and expand on Nate’s original branding. we plan to improve the Axe throwing experience, and expand our smash rooms to accommodate larger groups due to customer requests.


We wish Nate success in his journeys, and we will honor his legacy.