Smash/Rage Room

Anger Mismanagement

So, you just lost your game? Favorite team choked and lost to your rival? Did you trip over the set in your school play? Take your anger out in our Rage room/Glass break alley.  Created by our team of professional anger-mismanagers, you will find everything you need to go home as peaceful as a daisy chain. Enjoy smashing glass bottles and plates when you were in that antique store that one time.  In the Smash room you don’t pay for what you break: break it all, break it loud, or break it slow, it’s up to you! Who knew that breaking things would be so much fun? (We did. We always did.)

18+ and Closed Toed Shoes are required

 Smash Room /Rage Room

Axe and Smash


  • Most popular
  • 1 Basket of bottles
  • 1 hour axe throwing
  • 20 minutes of smashing
  • per person
Glass break package


  • Basket of glass
  • 20 minutes
  • per person

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